Welcome to Shining Generation Institute

Shining Generation Institute is a private school located in the neighborhood of Green Garden, West Jakarta. Our aim is to serve as a second home for parents, students and teachers. SGI implements a customized Bible-based curriculum and is affiliated with Liberty University, USA and T3each Asia, Singapore.

School’s Background:

Shining Generation Institute, Indonesia is established in 2011 by "Yayasan Dedikasi Guru Terpadu" which is leaded by dedicated teachers who have the passion to prepare the pathways of the future generation in Indonesia.

Our Vision:

Shining Generation Institute aims to be a school that produces students who not only have the intelligence and excellence in their academic skills but  students who also have a God-fearing character with high integrity.

Our Mission:

To prepare a shining pathway for the future generation by educating, motivating and guiding our students to develop a Godly character with high integrity, and to be an influential person who has the intelligence, confidence, creativity and excellence to bring a positive impact for the people around them.